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Fully Integrated Strategies

Emerging as a leader in your industry requires more than just innovative thinking. It also requires a collaborative relationship with a partner who understands your business inside and out. With 5th Gear Marketing’s enterprise campaigns, you can engage your customers across digital, mobile, and social channels that are highly relevant to your target audiences. Below is the list of digital marketing services that we offer.

5th Gear Marketing specializes in helping small businesses that do not have the in-house resources for a digital marketing team. Based on the individual needs of every business, we develop a fully customized online marketing plan that includes best in class optimization services to ensure that your website and other online marketing channels are working effectively to improve your marketing results.

When you work with us, our services are fully integrated to ensure that all of your marketing channels are developed at the same time. This includes search engine optimization, content marketing strategy and execution, social media management, email marketing, and analytics and reporting.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimiationTo improve your organic search engine rankings, you need a solid SEO strategy that incorporates all of the elements that the search engines utilize in determining search positioning. These factors include keywords, links, social media signals, content, conversion rates, technical SEO, and much more. If you want to achieve the best possible rankings, your SEO strategy must simultaneously focus on all of these important elements.

So how do you create an SEO strategy that is guaranteed to be successful? First, we must have a deep understanding of the goals that you wish to achieve. Once we understand your objectives, we use industry leading data and the latest white hat SEO techniques to execute a targeted SEO strategy for your business.
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Content Marketing Strategy and Execution

Content Marketing Most online buyers now conduct their own independent research before making the decision to purchase anything online. As a result, content is the cornerstone of every online marketing strategy. Developing a content strategy that is effective requires that you determine the right mix of content to publish and an ideal schedule that will keep your target audience engaged and wanting to learn more about how your business can solve their problems.

At 5th Gear Marketing, we have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. When you work with us, you’ll get the expertise of seasoned marketing professionals with relevant industry experience. Our content team can produce ongoing content for your business and also ensure the distribution of your content with effective outreach.
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Social Media Management

Social Media Social media marketing is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. While some businesses do not think that social media matters to their audience, social media is critical to helping your business achieve its SEO and conversion goals. The search engines, including Google, look at social signals and consider them in determining your business’s search engine rankings.

In addition, every social media site, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, requires a different approach. By utilizing our specific knowledge about each social media platform, we can develop a customized social media strategy, that incorporates social advertising, distribution and outreach to achieve results for your business.

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Email Marketing

Email Email marketing is an effective tool for nurturing potential customers while keeping existing customers engaged and informed about your business. Email marketing should always be used to deliver the right messages, at the right time. While identifying the needs of your customers isn’t always easy, the benefits are substantial for a well-executed email marketing campaigns.

If you have made the effort to build an email list for your business, it is likely that you will be able to connect with the majority of your subscribers in some fashion. The challenge, however, is determining which messages your email subscribers want to receive. As a business, you need to provide content that benefits your subscribers in some way.

At 5th Gear Marketing, we use our extensive email marketing experience to figure out how your campaign can best help you to achieve the overall goals for your business. We focus on creating personalized content that will keep readers engaged and will also convince them to make the right decisions, ultimately leading to more conversions for your business.

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Analytics and Reporting

Google Analtyics With most traditional digital marketing agencies, reports are created only to prove that work is actually being done on your campaign. You’ve probably received lengthy reports that are confusing, full of technical jargon, and irrelevant data points. Rarely do these reports provide actionable information for your business.

You want to see the ROI that the online marketing agency has actually achieved for your business. At 5th Gear Marketing, we take a different approach. Instead of creating endless reports with useless data, we have streamlined our analytics and reporting process to ensure that our reports only include the data that is relevant to your campaign objectives. We make analytics and reporting easier to understand and targeted to your specific needs. 

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