Outcome-Based Campaigns

Outcome-Based CampaignsFor some agencies, performance is just a buzzword. For us, it means striving for quantifiable results, every time. With our outcome-based campaigns, we don’t get paid until we achieve results.

Not all campaign metrics are good metrics. Simply receiving pageviews or clicks does not mean that these actions will translate to sales. With an outcome-based campaign, your business can identify the specific actions that customers take that lead to more revenues overall.

At 5th Gear Marketing, we don’t only focus on the cost per lead. In fact, our goal is to help you use your marketing budget effectively at every step in the customer’s journey. We have fine-tuned the pay per lead marketing process to ensure that your business only gets the best leads possible to maximize your closing rate. Here are a few of the features that we offer:


Our Methodology

Optimizing your campaign means identifying the right micro-moments in the customer’s journey that ultimately influence customer behavior. For brands, these moments are open invitations to engage. Influencing customers at these critical micro-moments to make the right decisions is how we generate potential leads for your business.

We use best practices in identifying and optimizing for the right keywords, ensuring best in class optimization efforts. Then, we deploy a content strategy to increase brand recognition and to encourage linking. Finally, we use social media and email to nurture and lead the prospect through the ideal customer journey.

As we optimize the customer journey to meet customers’ needs, we are able to measure how our digital marketing efforts influence customers’ behaviors, which reveals valuable insights about your customers and why they do business with your company. Once you have a better understanding of how your customers convert, you have the tools you need to acquire and nurture them.


Above Board Marketing Techniques

White hat marketing techniques, which are the methods that Google has officially approved of, are essential to the continued success of your digital marketing efforts. Being listed in Google is a privilege, not a guaranteed right, and the fastest way to ruin a marketing campaign is by engaging in black hat marketing techniques.

At 5th Gear Marketing, we only use tested and approved marketing techniques. Rather than resorting to questionable shortcuts, we use a multi-faceted approach to bring in as many leads as possible without risking the reputation of your business or obtaining leads in a manner that violates ethical marketing standards.

We are dedicated to the long-term success of your business and anything that could jeopardize it is a risk that is just not worth any short term benefits that using shortcuts may offer.


Not interested in an outcome-based relationship? No problem. We can pursue your marketing goals aggressively with any of our digital marketing services 


Milestone-Based Compensation

Our milestone-based compensation model means that we do not get paid until specific milestones in your campaign are reached. We believe that we should succeed only when our clients succeed. As a result, our outcome-based marketing campaigns are driven by best practices which promote transparency and performance to effectively and efficiently deliver results for your business.

This approach also means that we have an incentive to accomplish even more for your business because the better your returns, the more we get paid. Our focus is on improving and maintaining your marketing success in order to build a long-lasting business relationship.


Industry Experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing winning marketing campaigns for our clients. Over the years, we have gained first-hand knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate and the marketing standards for those industries. However, we understand that every business is different. This enables us to tailor our approach to the unique needs of your company.

Our outcome-based campaign solutions are designed to provide all the features you need to achieve program success, while minimizing upfront risks and maximizing the potential of your campaign. With 5th Gear Marketing as your marketing partner, our unique pay-for-performance model ensures that both parties can grow and scale together.

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