Paid Media &
Geo-Targeted Ads

If not done right, your Paid Media efforts can be as futile as throwing money out the window. We understand how high the stakes are, and we take the time to get your Paid Media strategy right.

From Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, to display ads, to branded content, to Geo-Targeted Ads, Paid Media can help you build brand awareness in the digital space and stake your claim among even the fiercest competitors.

Paid Media Services from 5th Gear

What is Paid Media?

Paid Media can be an effective digital tool that involves using paid ad placements to attract visitors to your site. Coupled with your Owned and Organic (or Earned) Media, your Paid Media efforts can be hugely beneficial, if they’re created and managed properly.

Geo-Targeted Ads

Targeting visitors based on where they are is a groundbreaking Digital Marketing tactic that can bring results unlike anything else. Using specific location data, combined with targeted messaging that reflects (and resonates!) with behavior attributes, you can deliver unique, personalized digital content based on where someone is and who could be a potential customer.

We can set into motion Geo-Targeting Tactics

That will increase your business exposure to your local audience or offer new promotions to current customers to increase lifetime value. The options are limitless.

What’s the difference between all the types of media ?

“Though there’s sometimes an inherent resistance to try and use Paid Media, we’ve found that’s generally a result of unsuccessful (translation: expensive) attempts in the past.”

But when done properly, your Paid Media efforts will work together with your organic and earned content to help you become an authoritative voice in your space.

Benefits of Paid Media

  • Results are easy to track

  • Quick way to drive traffic

  • Can help online brands grow rapidly

  • Further exposure to prospects who may not otherwise find you

  • Helps you understand who and where your customers are

  • Strategically boosts your content and your brand visibility

  • Designed to work within your budget

  • Lets your blogs and other content marketing efforts work to their fullest potential

  • If run well, campaign results can garner high Click Through Rates (CTRs)

  • Learnings can support Earned Media efforts

Types of Paid Media

From Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, to Display Ads, to Branded Content, to Geo-Targeted Ads, Paid Media can help you build brand awareness in the digital space and stake your claim among even the fiercest of your competitors.

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