Social Media Management

Done right, Social Media can be a powerhouse that earns you trust, respect, and most importantly, loyalty. Done wrong, it can be the death of your brand.

We take the guesswork out of the how, when, what and where to post, managing your Social Media efforts to corner the market on your social presence. It takes incredible discipline and an insanely organized effort to make Social Media work for you. We can help you with both.

Social Media Management Services from 5th Gear

What Is Social Media Management?

The strategic use of Social Media has become a real game changer for brands big and small. Using Social Media, with virtually no budget, you can harness incredible power to earn exposure and reach. Social Media Marketing can be your opportunity to engage users and create a name for yourself in your space.

Combined with all your other marketing strategies, Social Media is a key piece to the puzzle that allows you to connect with your audience in a real, tangible way to earn the trust that other marketing efforts likely cannot.


Luckily, we understand all of that, and we can make sure you do, too. We take the time to really get to know your customer base – also known as your Personas, or your ideal customers – so that we can get your digital face in front of them.

We get as granular as possible to ensure your social presence works for you. Because when it’s done well, Social Media helps people find you online. We put your brand front and center, on the platforms, at the times, and on the websites where your ideal customers will be.

You need to know where to post, how to post, what to post, when to post, and how much to post.

This way, we greatly improve the chances that they’ll find you.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • One of the top ways prospects and customers will seek support

  • Almost anybody who could be a potential client or customer will be on Social Media, often every day

  • Recommendations are accessible (and customers will look there for them!)

  • Stats show Social Media Marketing leads to high conversions

  • Brand recognition and exposure is increased

  • Your competition is there
    (shouldn’t you be too?)

  • Potential to increase search engine rankings

  • Cost-effective (even when using paid options, which can often be a fraction of what other forms of Paid Media cost)

  • Inbound traffic is increased

  • You can achieve targeted reach by using specific social platforms

  • Strong analytics can offer insight into behavior

  • Easier than other forms of marketing

“For all the benefits that Social Media Marketing offers, rarely do we see clients successfully utilizing social to the full potential it offers. There are a number reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest is this one simple fact: it takes incredible skill and organization to effectively manage an online social presence that garners any real type of results. We can help.”

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