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There are two widgets available on the Dashboard as well as on the export file:

  1. Reviews Analysis
  2. Average Rating Activity

Reviews Analysis:

  • Displays the list of top 100 words mentioned in reviews with the corresponding percentage and average rating of reviews containing that word.
  • The symbols ▲ or ▼ represent the variation for ‘Review %’ and ‘Rating’ compared to the previous period (same time range selected on the filters, e.g. 30 days, 12 months, etc).
  • Each row is clickable redirects the user to the corresponding search on inbox (Customer Feedback tab), returning all reviews containing that word for a specific time window.

Some facts about the Reviews Analysis widget:

  • Stemming: words starting with same 4 characters are grouped. For instance ‘Book’, ‘Booked’, ‘Booking’ are grouped inside ‘Book’.
  • Sorting asc/desc by ‘Review %’ and ‘Rating’.
  • Total is the number of reviews containing text and rating that were analyzed.
  • At least 2 reviews with text and rating are needed to return results.
  • A word has to be mentioned at least twice to be returned.
  • Blacklisting of non-meaningful words is done by language (location country language + english by default) for each review analyzed.
  • Search, create and delete of words is supported.

Average Rating Activity

  • This widget presents a graph with the evolution of the average rating received in reviews for a certain time range selected:
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